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We are a certified company

The ISO systems are some important stamps for us to make visible because it ensures that our customers can be confident in our cooperation when they have to choose us as a supplier. We pay extra attention to our management methods and systematize our work processes.

Quality and environment

Kaj Bech A/S’ overall quality and environmental objective is to be a conscious and trustworthy partner who will consistently carry out quality and environmentally correct projects, as well as use work methods that ensure customers and employees that applicable laws and regulations are observed.

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Your point of contact: Peter Elberg Bech, director and third generation in the company today

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Why us?

Kaj Bech A/S has made its mark across the entire region with numerous large construction projects. Evolving from a traditional masonry and contractor firm, the company has transformed into a versatile contractor in Holstebro and West Jutland, also undertaking many construction projects nationwide.

Since the year 2000, Kaj Bech A/S has operated Holstebro Municipality’s parks and roads department, which currently constitutes approximately 110 of Kaj Bech’s total workforce of 185 employees. Today, the company is led by the third generation, and in collaboration with the management, the business is developed in a way that combines deep traditions and values with new knowledge.”

Turnkey Construction

As the name suggests, turnkey construction is a form of contract where Kaj Bech A/S takes care of the entire process from start to finish. We handle both design, planning, and execution of the construction. As the turnkey contractor, we are responsible for overseeing the entire project, including hiring and managing subcontractors and suppliers.

We only collaborate with reputable architects and consultants, and we work with selected suppliers, ensuring optimal project implementation and quality control. Turnkey construction is ideal if you desire a seamless construction process with a single point of contact and responsibility for the entire project.


Kaj Bech A/S has been constructing hundreds of bridges and bridge facilities since the 1970s for various clients including the Danish Road Directorate, Banedanmark, municipalities, and private actors. We carry out construction tasks all over Denmark, and since our establishment in 1946, we have been a leading contractor in Central and Western Jutland. We are authorized sewer masters and members of the construction industry’s quality control and carry out tasks within earth, sewer, paving. Kaj Bech A/S is involved in keeping the Danish energy and supply sector running, including water, wastewater, energy, PtX, and district heating.

Vattenfall Servicecenter

Kaj Bech A/S was responsible for the turnkey contract at Esbjerg Harbor. In the fall of 2022, the new international central warehouse was ready, the purpose of which is to quickly service the energy company’s offshore wind farms with main components and cables. The contract consisted of approximately 2,200 m2 under roof, of which 125 m2 office space and approximately 10,000 m2 outdoor area.

bæredygtig energi


In Idomlund, we are working for Energinet, for example, to deliver earthworks as well as concrete works and the establishment of foundations and new buildings for the technical facilities that are currently being established in Western Jutland to promote more sustainable energy in Denmark.

Banedanmark- Railway Bridge in Børkop

In connection with the electrification of the railway network at Banedanmark, we have built a new road bridge over the railway at Børkop near Vejle. Our contractor team safely handled the project from start to finish, including efficient project follow-up along the way and detailed cost management. We are certified within the Danish Standard’s management system for railway safety and therefore we meet all requirements when it comes to working close to the railway.

Arla - Clean proces industry

Kaj Bech A/S was responsible for the construction of a new packaging and freezing storage at Rødkærsbro Dairy IQF in a building contract. The total building contract is 6080 m2. The complexity of contracts for the food industry lies in the many functions that must be built into the building. This contract included 1900 m2 of refrigerated storage, 1200 m2 of production/packaging section, 830 m2 of freezing storage, 1000 m2 of packaging storage, 500 m2 of driveways and expedition areas, 530 m2 of technician rooms on the 1st floor, 120 m2 of refrigeration machine room and 3400 m2 of paved area for truck driving.

Special Work – The Sail, Esbjerg

“The Sail,” at Esbjerg’s new marina, Esbjerg Beach, as well as the associated retaining walls and quay facilities. The casting of The Sail requires great expertise in insitu and concrete work in general, and the work was carried out by our skilled concrete workers. The Sail was cast insitu as one continuous casting, where a specific casting plan was developed, working with the vibration technique to create as smooth a surface in the concrete as possible in the 10 meter deep casting form.

Klimatorium (Building of the Year 2020)

Kaj Bech A/S was the trade contractor on the construction and the shell contract, which included piles and sheet piles, earth and sewer, paving, concrete, elements, and assembly. The purpose of Klimatorium is to frame an international research center where climate change is on the agenda. Lemvig Municipality and Lemvig Water & Wastewater were behind Klimatorium, and in 2020 the building received the award for building of the year.

Viborg Railway Bridge

We had the turnkey contract for the construction of Viborg railway bridge which is part of Hærvejen. The project was extensive and was carried out with careful scheduling, resource management, and quality control to ensure successful implementation. When working by the railway, careful planning for adaptation to train schedules is extremely important to both ensure high safety and a secure schedule on the project.


We manage green areas for the state, municipalities, housing associations and larger companies. Kaj Bech A/S has more than 20 years of experience with road service and is thus one of the private actors with the most experience in Denmark. We also have many years of experience in carrying out earth, sewer and paving tasks, for municipalities, utilities, state actors, companies and private individuals. At Kaj Bech, we like the slightly difficult projects, where many different elements are involved, such as earth, sewer, paving, wood, concrete, water, light, play and planting. This has made us experts in the more complex and technically difficult construction projects such as the construction of a city space. We are nature and stream specialists and work with nature restoration, combating invasive species, re-meandering streams and watercourses etc. We have a large group of highly competent project managers, bricklayers, gardeners, forest and landscape engineers and constructors who help to steer the projects safely to their goal and who can provide the right advice and sparring on the projects

The Green Route

The Green Route is a project that Kaj Bech has a very special relationship with. We have followed the project from the planning stage to now having won the task and are in full swing with the establishment. It is an exciting and ambitious project that will transform the Trekanten district in Holstebro into a more inviting and safe residential area by establishing a path system and four new urban spaces that invite community and activities. The project is a real Kaj Bech project, where all the company’s departments have been involved.

Museum Forecourt

Kaj Bech A/S was responsible for the construction of the 460m2 large forecourt at Holstebro Museum in the main contract. The artistic ornamentation on the forecourt is made of four types of granite stones of varying color and texture, the granite stones are cut into 24 different shapes. Together, the stones form a complex 12-star pattern, inspired by the mosaic mosaics in Ibrahim Agha al-Mustahfizan’s mausoleum. The mausoleum is located in the Aqsunqur mosque in Cairo and dates back to the 17th century. The central pivot of the square is a sculpture by Anna Ancher.

The Breathing Space Skive

Kaj Bech A/S has renovated the 18,000 m2 large hospital garden at Skive Hospital. The extensive transformation consisted of a total change of the park’s terrain and provides a new view through the area. Rainwater from the hospital building’s roof is led out into a 3-part stream, cast in concrete and ends up in a newly created lake. A recirculation system is connected so that the water level is maintained. 2,500 m2 of tile-covered paths wind their way through the park. 23 lighting poles are buried. Learning stairs established. 56 plinths of different sizes are installed for stay and as training tools. Pavilion is built in tombak and with glass roof. Installation of robin posts, Raft fence is set up against the park’s neighbors. The park is planted with 364 large solitary trees and shrubs. Various species of grass and meadow have been sown.

Reparationer i Skjern Å - Kaj Bech A/S

Nature Restoration, Levé Skjern Å

One of the slightly special tasks we have solved is the repair of the levé at Skjern Å for Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality. On large parts of the re-meandered stretch, the river therefore lies between two artificial dikes also called levés. These needed to be repaired and required good teamwork and a few wet socks along the way

Konge Å path course

Over a 32 kilometer long stretch along the Kongeåen, Kaj Bech A/S has made: 750 meters of boardwalk, Spang, Canoe pull-up areas, Handicap-friendly fishing platforms, Shelters and primitive overnight stays, Info stands and Toilet buildings. Through this project, Kaj Bech A/S has contributed to making nature more accessible to everyone and giving everyone the opportunity to have experiences in nature. The project stretched through both Vejen Municipality and Esbjerg municipality and ran along the Kongeåen in wetland areas. Everything is made of Robinia poles with planks in Danish oak and buildings are made of certified Danish oak with all steel materials of stainless steel.

Holstebro Urban Space

The project was developed based on an architectural competition that was announced in a collaboration between Holstebro Municipality and Realdania. The purpose of the project is to connect the northern and southern city core together and give the area around the river a welcoming and flexible environment. All based on a calm and timeless expression.

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